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Fundraising – It’s time for a change


We have all been part of fundraising in one way or another and if your experience with fundraising has mixed reviews, you are not alone. The truth is, fundraising has been stuck in the past and the time for change is right now. Form Dash was built to bring fundraising into the future, to leverage the technology available to save time and to make the lives of all those involved with the fundraising process easier so they can spend more time doing what they truly enjoy.

Maybe you have been involved in fundraising as a coach or organizer for the local youth soccer club and your responsibility was to coordinate getting whatever it was you were selling to whoever it was you were selling it to. Oh, not to mention, you also had to wrangle whatever group of kids or teenagers or parents that were supposed to do the actual selling, sorting through the paper forms with terrible hand-writing or counting the money to see if it matches up to what was sold. Being an organizer is such an important role because you get to directly impact the lives and experiences of those in your organization or group but it is not without its own unique stress. As you well know, all great programs run on money and money is hard, or at least time-consuming, to come by.

Maybe instead of a coach or organizer, you were that kid or teenager or parent that had to slog door to door surprising your friends, family, neighbors, and a few strangers with a sales pitch. They felt the pressure to find their checkbook, count out some cash or worse, scrounge up some loose change, to support the local high school football team. There is no way around this, right? Your group needs the money and support of those around you to buy new helmets or go on that trip or host your prom event so you go out and do what all those before you have done – you fundraise the old-fashioned way.

Maybe your involvement with fundraisers in the past has been more of a supporting role as a buyer. Here you were on the receiving end of a knock on the door and there you were, on the hunt for some misplaced dollar bills and nickels. You wanted to support this cause and let’s be honest, you wanted to just try some of that dark chocolate caramel popcorn the local high school band was selling but all the while, you were thinking that there has to be a better or at least, an easier way to contribute.

Gone are the days of time-consuming and stressful fundraiser organizing that is the biggest headache in your role as coach or organizer. Gone are the days of students or parents scribbling on paper forms and trying to account for the stacks of loose cash or the days of burdened buyers who have to jump through hoops just to support a cause.

Founded from the inefficient nightmare of a frontline fundraising organizer for a high school sports team, Form Dash brings a wave of relief to these problems. Form Dash leads the charge taking fundraising into the digital age by converting paper forms to customizable websites with shareable links, processing credit card transactions, providing immediate email receipts to buyers, empowering organizers with up to the minute sales and inventory tracking and so much more. We all knew there should be a better way to fundraise but the time to change is now. Let’s not waste another day doing the same old thing for the same old headache. Check out Form Dash for yourself and see the future of fundraising in action, today.

The future of fundraising is here.

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