Form Dashâ„¢ was created to make fundraising for nonprofit groups easier. Companies that offer community fundraising opportunities can use Form Dash to eliminate the paper pre-sell form, improving the fundraiser experience and increasing sales in the process.

For businesses: Form Dash makes it easy to collect all the necessary information for your fundraiser, collect payment (cash, check, or credit card), get in touch with the customers, and get an accurate inventory count.

For groups: Form Dash’s main purpose is to make your life easier while helping you raise the funds your group needs. If you do any kind of pre-sell fundraiser or event, Form Dash is a must-have.

Meet the Form Dash Team

We’re a small, passionate group, and we can’t wait to work with you!

Alyssa Nolte


Bill Nolte


Jacob Nanke

Product Manager

I created Form Dash as a platform to support fundraising for my dance team. Instead of dealing with paper forms, trying to read handwriting, keeping track of customers, reminding people to turn in their forms, and all the minutiae that go along with a pre-sell fundraiser, I brought it all online. Now my dancers can keep track of their sales with an online form. Form Dash keeps track of the sales, customers, does the inventory for the vendor, updates the organizer on progress, and handles the disbursement of funds. This makes life easier for the organizer – they have less paperwork to deal with, and life easier for the vendor – they get the information they need to fulfill the order.

Alyssa Nolte, Founder of Form Dash